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    Canada Startup Visa

    Within the Canadian investor and business immigration, there is a program known as the Canadian Start-up Visa program, which presents a special chance for Start-ups to not just launch a new business in Canada but also get financing from a qualified financier along with Permanent Residency status.

    Start Your Immigration to Canada on a Start-up Visa

    With 4,000+ Immigrant Investor cases processed since 1995, we help you immigrate to Canada. If you want to move to Canada with your family, you can count on our 25+ years of experience. Canada is a real opportunity for businesspeople seeking an incomparable quality of life. Get Canadian Permanent Residency within 31 months for CAD 50,000.

    Eligibility Requirements

    Below is the list of requirements for you to assess and conclude whether you have a qualifying business under the SUV program:

    • Foreign nationals must get a letter of support or investment commitment from one of the designated Canadian organizations;
    • Each foreign national must hold a minimum of 10% of voting rights in the startup. Foreign nationals and their designated organization must jointly have more than 50% of the total voting rights in the business;
    • Each applicant must meet the minimum English or French language skill at CLB level 5

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