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    Immigration To Canada
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    Canada Study Visa

    Canada has always been the most preferred destination for higher education among international students, by serving as the epitome of quality education and renowned highly ranked universities. It has one of the best curriculums with recognized degrees. Students studying longer than 6 months will require a study permit (Canada student visa), for students with 6 months or less than that it is not mandatory.

    Why Study in CANADA?

    • The Qualifications obtained here are valued around the world.
    • Affordable education.
    • Easy to thrive being a multicultural society.
    • Healthy and safe communities to live with.
    • Possibility of stipend internships while studying.
    • Post-study work visa is available, thus good job opportunities after completion of studies.
    • Possibility of getting Permanent Residency.

    If you too have plans to move to Canada to study, we can help you secure the study visa easily and effectively. Once you obtain the study visa, you and your family can live in Canada for three to four years during which your family can work full time and you can work part time. What is exciting is that once you complete your educational program, the Canadian government will issue you a three-year work permit allowing you to find a job and work full time in Canada. Following that you can apply for permanent residency for yourself and your family which ultimately could lead to Canadian citizenship.

    All you need to start your application for study visa in Canada is a Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian educational institution, and IELTS exam the scores of which vary from college to college. Let us assess your case and we will extend professional support on how to secure your student visa faster and in a more hassle-free way.

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